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At Mimico Medical we are commited to providing the highest level of care for physical and mental health to our patients.

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Physician and Hospital Services for Uninsured Persons (PHSUP) Funding Ends March 31

The PHSUP program is no longer available to patients without an OHIP card. Any patients of Mimico Medical not covered by OHIP must pay $90 in advance of their appointment or service delivery.

Mimico Medical Physiotherapy - Your Local Team

Our team of physiotherapists deliver one-to-one physical therapy to help you reduce pain and increase mobility. Learn more about our physio clinic today!


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Botox Clinic

dementia coaching toronto
Forget Me Not - Dementia Coaching
Cognitive illness and dementia is a growing challenge for our seniors and their families. Mimico Medical offers Dementia Coaching to help our patients navigate daily living with cognitive illness.
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Learn more about Dementia Coaching

Dementia Coaching

New at Mimico Medical

Botox Clinic

Rejuvenate Your Look

Family Medicine

At Mimico Medical our team of family doctors are proud to serve the community of South Etobicoke.

We welcome people of all ages into our Culture of Care.  Patients can expect the highest level of care at our clinic including regular check-ups, physicals, allergy shots, immunizations, birth control, specialist referrals and much more.

dr milan atanackovich

Dr. Milan Atanackovic

dr mary clare luca

Dr. Mary Clare Luca

dr michael katarynych
Dr. Michael Katarynych
dr michelle kuisma
Dr. Michelle Kuisma
dr tim kodsi

Dr. Tim Kodsi

Dr. Mahmuda Mukty

dr shoghi nikoo
Dr. Shoghi Nikoo
Dr. Stephen Woo
Cosmetic Botox Clinic at Mimico Medical

Expert Botox injections administered by our cosmetic specialist Dr. Milan Atanackovic. Soften wrinkles and fine lines for a rejuvenated look. 

botox clinic etobicoke

Join Our Waitlist to See a Doctor

Not all of our doctors are currently accepting new patients.  Join our waitlist and we will contact you as soon as possible.

dr dominic ansari
Dr. Dominic Ansari
Dr. Tiao Kattygnarath
Casey Watson
Wellness Coach

Mimico Medical Specialists

We are committed to providing specialized services for the Etobicoke Community, across all ages and needs. Our Team strives to educate patients on the general physical, mental and dietary needs of themselves and all members of their family - including family planning, diagnostic health, counselling and dietary management services.

Mimico Medical Physiotherapy

Our physiotherapy clinic works together with our medical staff to develop one-to-one treatment plans to reduce pain and increase mobility.

The physical therapy techniques that we use are evidence-based and we are dedicated to constant interaction with our patients for their full session.

tara cameron physiotherapist
Tara Cameron
Manual Therapy
Dry Needling
jake head physiotherapist
Jake Head
Custom Knee Braces
Neurokinetic Therapy
henry truong physiotherapist
Henry Truong
Manual Therapy
Dr. Tahany Banoub
Resident Psychiatrist
Dr. Shelley Gorman
Resident Psychologist

Mental Health Services

At Mimico Medical we recognize that mental health is as important as physical health.

We offer therapy for individuals and couples at our Mental Health clinic.

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