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manual therapy etobicoke
manual therapy etobicoke

At Mimico Medical our physiotherapists are committed to evidence-based treatments that improve body mechanics, eliminate pain and prevent future injury.

Manual therapy is a specific branch of physical therapy that has shown considerable positive effects for patients seeking pain relief for different musculoskeletal issues.

As part of our efforts to expand access to care in the Etobicoke community, we are proud to offer manual therapy techniques to our patients with treatment-resistant injuries and conditions.  Our commitment to manual therapy above machine based physiotherapy is one of the reasons we are rated among the best physiotherapy clinics in Etobicoke.

What is manual physical therapy?

Manual physical therapy (or just manual therapy) is a specialized type of physical therapy that uses one-on-one physical treatment of the body.  This physical or hands-on approach usually involves kneading of the muscles and manipulation of the joints.  During a manual therapy session, a physiotherapist will typically apply pressure to different parts of the body, using different manual techniques.  

The experience is not too different from what someone can expect from massage therapy or a chiropractic session: the patient receives dedicated physical treatment via manual pressure applied by the practitioner.

Like other forms of physical therapy targeting musculoskeletal conditions, the goal of manual therapy is to relieve pain and increase mobility.

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Have a question about manual therapy techniques and how we use them to reduce pain and increase mobility? Get in touch with us and we will be happy to answer any questions.

Manual Therapy Techniques for Pain Relief

In our clinical practice, manual therapy is actually a selection of different techniques implemented to target not just painful areas of the body, but adjacent and interconnected tissue that are contributing to the pain.

Some of the most effective techniques in manual therapy that you can expect at our clinic are:

Myofascial Release

Also known as active release therapy, myofascial release is a manual therapy technique that targets trigger points in the soft tissue. It is essentially a specialized massage technique for the “myofascial tissues” which support our muscles.

Typically, myofascial areas are soft and flexible, but many people suffering from musculoskeletal pain have stiffness and inflexibility in these areas. During myofascial release therapy, a physiotherapist will locate myofascial trigger points and apply different types of manual pressure and stretching with their hands.  One common ailment that patients receive treatment for is lower back pain.  

Myofascial release therapy is similar to a massage, but instead of the therapist doing most of the active movement, the patient is instructed to move the injured muscle or joint.  The therapist maintains contact with the injured myofascial area while the patient moves or flexes the area.

lymphatic drainage massage toronto
lymphatic drainage massage toronto

Trigger Point Therapy

Trigger point therapy is similar to myofascial release – both techniques are primarily concerned with the concept of trigger points in the muscle.  However, manual trigger point therapy is much more focused on the tender trigger point itself and the taut bands of muscle where many trigger points are found. Releasing trigger points are central to the benefits of acupuncture as well.

Trigger point therapy usually consists of the therapist applying strong pressure with their hands and fingertips directly on the trigger point itself.  And you as a patient will certainly feel it!  Trigger point therapy is a classic example of the “good pain” that is familiar to patients when taut bands of muscle are freed up via manual pressure.

The mechanism of trigger point therapy is that circulation to the tissue is cut off temporarily. This is similar to dry needling physical therapy also.  This decrease in blood flow releases a natural chemical called nitric oxide into the tissue. Nitric oxide in turn opens up the microcapillaries, bringing in more blood flow which is believed to stimulate pain relief.

Lymph Drainage Massage

Manual lymph drainage (or MLD) is a specialized type of massage for swollen lymph nodes.  Your lymph nodes play a critical role in helping your body to fight infection.  Swollen or painful lymph nodes are a sign that your body is unwell, however, this may be a temporary and low-risk situation.  However some cases of swollen lymph nodes present as lymphedema, which is a painful swelling in the arms and legs.

Lymph drainage massage is a gentle skin-stretching massage to help drain lymph fluid from the limbs to the lymph nodes.  Its primary goal is to help relieve the painful swelling in the tissues.

Joint Mobilization

Many musculoskeletal injuries or conditions involve a painful and stiff joint somewhere near the affected region.  Joint mobilization is a manual therapy technique that can be an effective treatment to address pain from the joints.  The technique involves a series of stretches and applied force to a joint applied passively – meaning that the patient usually lies prone while the therapist exerts the force.

Joint mobilization can be used for many different joints, with the shoulder, knee and elbow being common problem areas for patients.  Patients can expect their physiotherapist to stretch the joint at differing degrees of force and speed.  Some stretches are slow and some are fast, all intending to decrease pain, increase joint mobility and relieve stiffness.

For patients that are having persistent trouble with knee pain, we may consult with you about shockwave physiotherapy and/or the best knee brace to aid in your recovery – based on your needs and budget.


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If you are suffering from chronic pain or treatment-resistant injuries than manual therapy may provide you with pain relief and increased mobility.  Our physiotherapists are trained in the most effective manual therapy techniques to help you get back on your feet.

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At Mimico Medical Physiotherapy we are on a mission to expand access to care in our community of Etobicoke. We provide a full suite of physiotherapy services. We are especially committed to women’s health and have a full time pelvic floor physiotherapist on site to aid with postpartum recovery.

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