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At Mimico Medical we strongly believe an active community is a healthy community – which is why we are so passionate about supporting our local athletes. From junior varsity all-stars to young-at-heart weekend warriors, we take great pride in helping our patients pursue their best health through an active lifestyle.

We are doctors and physiotherapists working together to bring our patients integrated sports medicine. Our founder Dr. Timothy B. Kodsi brings to the clinic his experience at the famed University of Florida ‘Gators’ football program. Our physiotherapists on staff are kinesiology graduates with long standing ties to collegiate and local athletics.

At Mimico Medical we offer a medical and physical therapy approach that enables our athletes to hit higher levels of performance and recovery. Contact us today and experience our Culture of Care.

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Sports Injuries and Conditions We Treat

Sports Medicine & Physiotherapy at Mimico Medical Etobicoke

Integrated Sports Medicine

At Mimico Medical, our patients benefit from having a dedicated team of medical doctors and physiotherapists at one location. Having doctors and physical therapists in close communication has been central to our patient practice since our founding in 2018.

Our clinic lead, Dr. Timothy B. Kodsi, brings the science of sports medicine and manual therapy together to achieve the best results for our athletes. Our physical therapists all have experience in athletics and are committed to helping patients perform better and recover faster.

sports injury clinic etobicoke
sports medicine etobicoke

Manual Therapy Specialists

The practice of one-to-one manual physical therapy is central to our sports injury clinic. This means a focus on manual techniques and less reliance on machines.

During a physiotherapy session at Mimico Medical, your physical therapist does not leave your side.

Constant communication between patient and therapist is necessary for us to achieve the highest standard of care.

Our manual therapy techniques include:

  • Active Release Therapy
  • Joint Mobilization
  • Trigger Point Massage
  • Myofascial Release Therapy

Custom Knee Braces

Custom knee braces help athletes stay mobile and recover from injury quicker. Our knee brace clinic has many years experience fitting athletes with Donjoy knee braces.

With our knee brace specialist and physiotherapists on site at Mimico Medical, you can expect treatment for your knee injury and a knee brace consultation in one visit.

We also treat patients with osteoarthritis of the knee and other common conditions where an unloader knee brace can help with mobility.

Learn more about a custom knee brace consultation.

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Modern Sports Therapy Treatment

sports doctor etobicoke
sports doctor etobicoke

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